Wanting to Build or Expand Your Client Base?


Need to improve your business?


Trying to develop a market niche for your products or services?

Seeking to establish a successful affiliate program?


Need to get a hold of the decision makers in the fitness industry?



Fitness Industry Solutions can help. 

Fitness Industry Solutions truly understands the issues you are facing. For over fifteen years, we have worked closely with fitness product and sports nutrition companies such as Bodybuilding promo code, personal training departments, health clubs, studios, and individual fitness professionals to achieve their goals.

As a professional in the fitness industry, you are very aware of the frustrations associated with the barriers to effectively selling your product and/or services. You know that your efforts and their results are directly tied to the survival and subsequent success of your business. Therefore, it is essential that you have access to the tools and resources needed to increase your sales and overall market share. 

Fitness Industry Solutions provides answers.

Increased sales and market share do NOT need to feel like insurmountable problems. Fitness Industry Solutions offers tailored marketing strategies, personalized consulting, and goal-oriented implementation plans designed entirely to address the very issues keeping you from realizing the success both —personal as well as professional—that you deserve.

Fitness Industry Solutions offers experience.

The team at Fitness Industry Solutions brings a unique combination of hands-on experience and knowledge to the table. We have over forty-seven (47) years of experience working with the fitness industry.  Additionally, we are knowledgeable in dealing with issues involving sales, marketing, promotion, business operations & administration, plus staffing & human resource management.

Fitness Industry Solutions gets results.

By careful and dedicated application of our personalized support and consulting, our clients have seen dramatic increases in income, business expansion, a renewed sense of purpose; and ultimately, a passionate enjoyment of life that their success now affords them.

We invite you to browse our web site for more information on how your fitness business can reap the benefits of working with Fitness Industry Solutions.   

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