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Our Affiliate Program is free to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part. You can get paid referral fees by simply linking to any of the companies we list.


By placing links on your Web site to our Web site (via simple text links or banners that we provide), you can get paid up to 35% referral fees depending on the product or service for every item sold.

All you have to do is apply and we will send you an email with all the simple instructions on how to set up links from your Web pages in minutes.

After you sign up, you will have access to your control panel, where you can see all clicks and sales to your website visitors.

You will earn 15-25% of gross profit for each sale, depending on the product. If you reach five or more sales in a given month, we will increase your referral fee to 20-30% per sale for all sales you have generated for that month. And if you reach 10 or more sales in a given month, you get 25-35% per sale for all sales you have generated for that month.

On the 10th of each month we will send you payment for the amount that you have earned during the previous month. (You must have a PayPal account.)

Additional revenue through sub-affiliate program

If you recommend people to our affiliate program and they join, you will automatically receive a sub-referral fee of 5% for anything THEY sell for as long as they promote our services. You will receive complete details on how to implement the sub-affiliates program once you sign up.


  • Participate for FREE!

  • Quick and easy setup—all within five minutes

  • Boost your credibility by supporting an initiative that will distinguish the best from the rest

  • Earn 15-25% referral fee of gross profit

  • Earn higher percentage referral fees for higher sales

  • Earn 5% sub-affiliate fee

  • Add value to your Web site

  • If someone visits our Web site and does not buy today, but re-visits the Web site anytime and purchases one of our products, you still earn your referral fee

  • Track your earnings in real time

  • We take care of everything: payment processing, providing the goods or services, and handling any customer service necessary

  • We have a proven system and have worked out all of the kinks that make other affiliate programs so unreliable (improper tracking, etc.)

  • You receive email notification every time someone purchases through you or signs up as an affiliate through you (for the sub-affiliates program)

Our current affiliate programs: 

  1. Audios and Workbooks 

  2. Teleclasses 

  3. Coaching Clubs

  4. Virtual Action Groups 

  5. 1/1 Telephone Coaching

  6. Face To Face Coaching and Consulting 

What do you have to lose? Try it for a month and see what kind of referral fees you can earn. If you don't like the return, just remove the links to our Web site. It is that simple. But I am sure that the return will be well worth your while if you make the effort. 

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