Find Out How to Join The Fitness Business Coaching Club and get access to some of the greatest fitness and business industry experts in the world. 

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Re: The New
Fitness Business Coaching Club

“How to put Tom Perkins and his hand picked 'success team' to work on your fitness business challenges and questions and get their best current how-to advice all for around $2.00 a day”

For less than you probably pay for your daily cup of fancy coffee or favorite treat, you can connect to the most valuable teleclass series and coaching program I’ve ever offered. You not only get me, you get my own hand picked team of experts. And you get to submit questions, problems and situations in advance for us to tackle on your behalf.

This advanced coaching program was created by popular demand. We will be helping you meet and beat your real world fitness business challenges, whether you are just getting started or seriously seeking to grow an existing fitness business enterprise.

Participation at my special introductory rate will be limited to 100 charter members. Therefore, it is vital you read and respond to this quickly. After that limit is reached, if additional Members are added at some point, it will be at a higher fee.

The Fitness Business Coaching Club

Tele-coaching sessions

There will be TWELVE special “closed door,” live teleclass coaching calls per year, one per month. Each call lasts up to 90 minutes and will include interviews with special guests or roundtable discussions with multiple guest experts, followed by discussion of questions you’ve submitted in advance plus live question and answer. A partial list of the topics of these calls and some of the planned guests appear below. This will be an advanced course in business strategies for your fitness business. You will want to be in from the very beginning to avoid missing even one of these important coaching calls.


“From the very first teleclass, I have learned a half dozen or so things that I am starting to implement. I had a client call me the other day and as you taught me, I used a firm professional response to the question ‘ How much do you charge?’ and he replied: ’Ok. Let’s do it’ Thanks Tom for your classes in the past and the ones coming up.”
Jim Black, Los Angeles, CA

My industry guests and I will tackle your questions

Before each coaching call you will have the opportunity to submit questions and topics in advance. There will also be live Q&A time as well. When there are guest experts who have resources available, they will briefly explain these resources and tell you how to get more information. Each of my experts will provide you with real-world, “meaty” advice and strategies that are immediately applicable to your fitness business. Nowhere else will you get such a team of caring and helpful people who will support you in your success.

Never miss a call by logging into our Members-Only Conference Call Archive Center 

While we encourage you to dial in live for each scheduled call, you still have access to the call through our exclusive, members-only Conference Call Archive Center. Even if you must miss a call or two, you will still reap enormous value from these sessions.


“I feel like I'm on the inside track with the Fitness Business Coaching Club. Access to the guest speakers alone is worth the price. It's like having multiple fitness business coaches, but even better because of the variety of professional experience and expertise. This program is a great ongoing education for my business.”
Alice Smith, Fort Wayne, IN

The Weekly Email

Every week you will receive an email from me with one or two important ideas, reminders, tips or commentary to nag, nudge, provoke or motivate you. I guarantee you’ll find this weekly contact just the boost you need to keep you motivated.


“The weekly messages help to keep me motivated and focused on what I need to do to succeed. I have been delighted with my experience as a member. This program has helped me gain confidence and valuable insight into the fitness and business communities. This is just what I needed to take my business to the next level”
Joe Tulois, Fayetteville, NC

Priority email access to Tom

Email your questions to a special email address reserved for Fitness Business Coaching Club members. I will get back to you on a priority basis. Up to 4 questions answered per month.

Develop your own inner circle through the Members-Only Discussion Board

Here is an excellent place to connect with other industry professionals. This is an open forum, a virtual water cooler discussion area, for questions, answers, discussions, and insights from your peers and business contemporaries.

This forum is available exclusively only to members of the Fitness Business Coaching Club.  


“Your program is precisely the comprehensive  program I've been looking for. It’s well priced and a great way to stay motivated. Thanks for making it so easy for me. I highly recommend this program.”
Neal Pendergrass, Mobile, AL

How much will this cost?

If you were to work privately with me, you could expect to pay at least $300 an hour or more depending on my availability. And some of the experts I’ll have on these calls won’t be available anywhere else at any price! But, because I am committed to delivering more for less to my members at every opportunity, I am offering this unique Fitness Business Coaching Club to you for a ridiculously low of $87 per month. You can cancel your membership at any time with 30 days notice.

This price of $87/month will be guaranteed for one year from date of enrollment.


“Thank you so much for making the Fitness Business Coaching Club possible. Since I've joined  my confidence level has really soared! This is the "how to" program that I had hoped for. I get so excited each time I get an update from you. The guests alone are well worth the membership fee and more.  And at an unbelievably modest fee.”
Tammy Jones, Clearwater, FL

But before you climb on board, there’s one more thing you need to know and it’s important.

I want this to be an intimate, enthusiastic, and successful group with a friendly, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere.

I will be investing a lot of my time, energy and resources in this program and giving special attention to my members. So not only must we limit the size of this coaching program to ensure we give you our best, we must also be sure that every member of the Fitness Business Coaching Club is truly serious about maximizing their success. Therefore, I’ve decided that only a certain “caliber” of fitness professionals may be involved in this program. 

Just to give you an idea, here is what we are looking for in our members. To be considered for this program you must:

  • Be a fitness professional or a part of an established health club personal training department;

  • Depend upon the success of your business for your income and financial security;

  • Aspire to achieve an ongoing relationship with clients (i.e., clients do not typically buy one-time services);

  • Want to build greater financial security, and perhaps even financial independence;

  • Know it IS possible to do what you love while getting paid for it;

  • Want to become a magnet for your ideal clients;

  • Be are ready to stop struggling and start having fun again;

  • Want to bring your unique style, values, and talents to your work.

  • Know you can create a business that truly works in harmony with your personal life;

  • Be ready and willing to become established as an expert in your field;

  • Be ready to make the income you deserve;

  • Be willing to invest in yourself.

If you want to achieve all this and more then 

Give yourself the gift and "Put Some MUSCLE Into Your Fitness Business."

I promise that this is going to be a terrific program. Just look at some of the topics we will be covering in the upcoming monthly coaching calls:

(Topics/experts subject to change)

There are going to be a number of folks we interviewed on Fitness Business Radio, and we are always open to suggestions if you want access to someone. 

Future programs will include experts in:

• Sales & Marketing Strategies
• Developing Passive Revenue Streams
• Business Operations & Administration
• Public Relations 
• Client Attraction & Retention 
• Website Development
Winning Strategic Partnerships

Don’t worry if you have to miss a call. They will be recorded and stored in our members-only discussion board.

Plus, fitness and business experts from around the world

You must respond immediately to be certain of getting into the Fitness Business Coaching Club at the charter member rate and to participate in the great programs we have planned this fall. If we exceed the 100-person limit before you join you will be notified. 


“Being involved in the coaching club is indeed a wise move on my part. Essentially, it encapsulates the mentor/coach relationship that is important to develop, maintain and grow a fitness business. The teleclass calls with the movers and shakers of the business are just awesome. As you mentioned in your offer: it picks up where the other resources leave off. Frankly, the fee is very reasonable for all you get. 
Sally Charon, Baltimore, MD

With all these great incentives and more, you’d have to be nuts not to jump on this no-risk opportunity right now, while it’s fresh on your mind. 

Here's what you get for the incredibly low price of $87 per month:

  • At least one live call per month lasting up to 90 minutes with Tom Perkins and his hand picked success team of fitness and business industry experts.

  • Members-Only Conference Call Archive Center just in case you miss a live call. 

  • Weekly email from Tom Perkins with important ideas, reminders; and tips or commentary to nag, nudge, provoke or motivate you.

  • Priority email access to Tom Perkins where he will answer one email per week for you. 

  • Members-Only Discussion Board for questions, answers, discussions, and insights from your peers and business contemporaries.

There is NO other program out there like this where you get private 

access to Tom Perkins and his success team for such a low price. 


Remember once we reach 100 members the price goes up, so if you’re 

serious about operating a successful fitness business enterprise, 

please take a moment and


Give yourself the gift and "Put Some MUSCLE Into Your Fitness Business."

To Your Success and Health 

Tom Perkins

Business Development Coach and Certified Personal Trainer 


Fitness Industry Solutions, LLC. 

P.S. Once we reach our limit of new candidates who fully qualify for this special coaching group, we’ll close the doors and no new members will be accepted. 

If you’re serious about maximizing your fitness business success, take the next step and 

P.P.S. Act now and as an added BONUS, we will send you a FREE ESSENTIAL FITNESS BUSINESS SUCCESS CHECKLIST. This valuable business checklist features over 100 items in 18 categories — a must-have for anyone that wants a successful fitness business enterprise.

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