Recommended Reading

My Top 4 Picks 

Secret of the Ages

Robert Collier


This book is a timeless classic!! Robert Collier presents profound truths in as clear a language as possible. It is a life changing experience, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. He teaches us the true miracle working power in our mind, and provides us with a clear guide to reaching your Higher Potential!! 

Superb book!


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The E-Myth Revisited
Michael Gerber

The second compulsory read for my clients. Why most small businesses fail and what to do about it. A paperback that you can read in a weekend but will change your business life forever. Great simplicity and wisdom about delegation and systems. Always popular. Great on cassette tape as well.

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Robert Kyosaki & 

Sharon Lechter

One of those books that you wish you had read 25 years earlier, it’s about how to make money work for you instead of spending your life working for money. 

A weekend paperback which, like Gerber’s E-Myth, 

can profoundly change your thinking.

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Get Clients Now

CJ Hayden


Get Clients Now: A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals and Consultants, lays out a very precise marketing and sales system actually designed to be completely customized for optimal effectiveness by anyone in the service industry.   


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Clear Intention (Getting clear on what you want)


The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity 

Catherine Ponder


Catherine Ponder wrote this in the middle of a recession in 1962. She boldly unveiled a path to wealth that anyone could follow. She reveals the secrets of prosperous thinking in her dynamic laws, and presents a system that can take you to financial independence, happiness and health. "Persistence is the keynote to realizing your heart's desires and to maintaining them," she wrote.



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The Power of Intention 

Wayne Dyer


The Power of Intention is a comprehensive approach to changing your conscious and unconscious intentions to manifest an abundant life. Dr. Dyer gives over 100 individually unique steps to reach a state of consciousness that will bring fulfillment of your dreams.

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The Attractor Factor 

Joe Vitale


In this book, Dr. Vitale summarizes the wisdom of many masters, synthesizes it with his own hard-earned observations and wisdom, and ends up with a great little spiritual handbook for achieving greatness - however you determine greatness. Whether it's fame, riches, or simply happiness and satisfaction, Joe's book offers a unique and clear path for achieving your fondest goals. 



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Ask and It is Given 

Jerry and Esther Hicks 


This book is easy to understand and apply to your life. Ask and it will be given you, there is no end to abundance. Don't be afraid to ask. You will not be taking away from anyone else. Your happiness and joy in getting what you want will increase the positive energy of the whole planet (universe). Your abundance and mine will help to create a better world for all. Ask and it will be given you and you will be helping others get the happiness they were meant to have, also. You may think you are asking and not receiving, but if you are focusing on the negativity of what you don't have instead of focusing on how wonderful it will be when you get it you are asking in a counterproductive manner. Read this book. It will make you glow.


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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 

T. Harv Eker


A witty pep talk for wealth-seekers is delivered by someone who's still amazed he's a millionaire. This book should shake even the most entrenched negative thinkers out of their easy chairs. Eker is bursting with energy and the need to teach you, and you, and yes, you, how to increase your wealth and quality of life by emulating his methods, which, oddly enough, are similar in many ways to methods taught for centuries about self-improvement. The good news is this stuff is worth repeating as we tend to forget to maintain our momentum. Eker also imbues his lessons with easy-to-remember self-motivating techniques.


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Think and Grow Rich 

Napoleon Hill


There are several versions of Think and Grow Rich on the market. None comes close to matching this one. Not only does it restore much material that apparently was in the original book but is omitted in other versions, it also has a lot of new features that are extremely useful and valuable, such as an index, biographical information about Napoleon Hill that I have never seen elsewhere, a great index, and complete explanations of certain aspects of Hill's philosophy that I always found somewhat difficult to understand. The book even tells you where Hill is buried (in South Carolina) and offers a wonderful interpretation of how the gravesite and its surroundings are symbolic of his whole life. I also found helpful an article about "success literature" written before and during Hill's time. It put Think and Grow Rich in perspective. All of the components and techniques of Napoleon Hill's great philosophy of success are still in the book (and if you apply them, you WILL find success), but it is these new features that really make it so outstanding. 


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Getting Rid of Negative Intention

Loving What Is

Byron Katie


Known simply as "The Work," Byron Katie's methods are clean and straightforward. The basis is a series of four questions addressed to your own lists of written assumptions. Whether you're angry with your boss, frustrated with your teen's behavior, or appalled at the state of the world's environment, Katie suggests you write down your most honest thoughts on the matter, and then begin the examination. Starting with, "Is it true?" and continuing with explorations of "Who would you be without that thought?" this method allows you to get through unhelpful preconceptions and find peace. An integral part of the process is "turning the thought around," and at first this can seem like you're simply blaming yourself for everything. Push a little harder, and you'll find a very responsible acceptance of reality, beyond questions of fault and blame.


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Create an Action Plan

InfoGuru Marketing Manual 

Robert Middleton


There are many very good books on marketing. Hundreds of them. But, unfortunately, there is very little good, reliable information on marketing for professional service businesses. After all, you are marketing high-end services to very targeted markets. You can't do mass advertising. Your budget is limited. You want to market professionally and with dignity. InfoGuru Marketing is the ideal marketing approach for your kind of business.


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Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field 

Robert Bly


A must read for anyone looking to become the 'go-to person' in their space. Not only did this book give me the confidence to actually pursue my dream, it provided me with valuable insight on proven strategies and tactics to get started. Without a doubt, Bly truly 'gets it' and will unleash the 'guru' in you!


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Rain Making 

Ford Harding


Concise and smoothly written, it delivers essential information without beating around the bush or leaving out anything important. Once it is on your shelf, don't let it gather dust. From strategic advice on which marketing method may work for you to concrete help on presentations, fee-setting and client relationships, this is packed with utility. Many professionals neglect marketing because the time spent at it isn't directly "billable." Of course, that's like a farmer neglecting planting, because it isn't harvesting. The book is thorough, if not particularly innovative. We recommend this practical, complete and essential set of instructions on how to generate clients for your professional service practice.

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Get Slightly Famous 

Steven Van Yoder


A unique and instructional business guide to becoming famous within the context of the business world and thereby attracting clientele and increasing revenues through sheer visibility. A wealth of tips, tricks, and techniques for acquiring and consistently holding media attention; using speaking engagements to become noticed by a targeted market; harvesting the full potential of the Internet; creating ancillary "info-products" to build public awareness, and a great deal more, Get Slightly Famous is excellent, profitable, and highly recommended supplemental reading for businesspeople and marketers on all scales and theaters of commerce.


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What Clients Love 

Harry Beckwith


Beckwith's book is easy to read, full of great ideas and has excellent examples from successful and not so successful companies that we all know. He explains why every thing we do is really a service. Even if we have a product to sell. And we come to see why every service needs to be improved if we are to build great companies. He explores how unusual names get you noticed and remembered. And more importantly for us today, he explains why the market is inexorably moving to the rise of invisibles and intangibles (services not material products).

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The Wellness Revolution

Paul Pilzer


This revolutionary business book shows wellness professionals and entrepreneurs how to get in on the ground floor of the booming wellness industry. The Wellness Revolution is a step-by-step plan  that will help entrepreneurs figure out where they fit in the industry, learn how to control demand, and how to get started. 


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The Obvious Expert 

Elsom Eldridge


Learn How To Master a handful of absolutely essential marketing skills and techniques that will catapult you to a higher income. Instantly put into use the fastest and surest ways to make your expertise known to future clients. Generate huge returns from networking. Diversify your marketing efforts to create new income sources. Ingeniously create your most important PR project - your own. Profit from niche sources. Use seminars and other educational marketing techniques to position yourself as The Obvious Expert.

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Managing Time


Getting Things Done 

David Allen


Productivity trainer and consultant David Allen offers a crash course in basic time management and personal organization. While Allen's reading is a little stiff, his enthusiasm for the topic and his passion for systems comes across loud and clear. Allen's message is concise: Organize yourself to free your mind for greater pursuits. And this simple production makes that daunting task seem possible. It's a quick glimpse at setting goals, clearing clutter, and staying focused.


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The Time Trap 

Alan Mackenzie


Since it was first published, The Time Trap, by internationally known authority Alec Mackenzie, has indeed become The Classic Book on Time Management, as proclaimed in its subtitle. Based on the theory that self-management is the key to handling the time crunch that we all face, it focuses primarily on Mackenzie's 20 biggest time wasters, such as telephone interruptions, the inability to say "no," and personal disorganization, and offers clear step-by-step ways to combat them. The updated third edition also includes information on time problems caused by technology, downsizing, and self-employment.


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The On-Purpose Business 

Kevin McCarthy


ARE YOU MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR CAREER OR BUSINESS? Do you love your work? Does your job and business truly make a difference? Are your passion, dreams, and vocation aligned?

The On-Purpose Business helps you answer these and other critical questions. Written in a story format, this book will help you make the most of your God-given talent to take your career or business charging to the next level.

The principles found in The On-Purpose Business are clear and easy to apply. What you learn will forever change your business, career, and life!

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Brain Storm 

Jason R. Rich


Business people, entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, parents, students, teachers, and people from all walks of life can improve their lives by learning how to brainstorm. Successfully implementing an idea is what generates success and results, whether it's a business or personal challenge. Here is a fun, easy-to-read, upbeat book designed to help people boost creativity by learning how to brainstorm and transform their best ideas into reality. Starting with the basics, this book discusses the anatomy of ideas and how they're generated. Focusing on various brainstorming techniques, it offers step-by-step directions for using these techniques as an individual or in a group situation. It helps readers analyze their ideas, pick out the best ones, and implement those ideas to produce positive and measurable results. 


This book also features in-depth interviews and profiles of a handful of well known people whose brainstorming skills have led them to incredible success.


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Create a Powerful 3 Year Plan

7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen Covey

The definitive personal development book, a multi-million seller that is a compulsory read for my clients. 

It’s not an easy read though, so you will have to put some effort in. 

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Your Best Year Yet!
Jinny Ditzler

If you are short of time and want to plan the coming year, Jinny has written another one of those weekend paperbacks that will get you started. A 12-month planning process to go. Easy on the mind and full of light.

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Transform Your Life
Carole Gaskell

Carole is one of the UK’s leading life coaches. Here we have a template for personal development; so it's a book that helps you to decide who you are, what you stand for, and what you want out of the future. Carole is an essentially English lady and I like the absence of Americanisms in her work: no padded shoulders, Hollywood smile, or self-confessed perfection. This book is written by a real person for real people—and the content works!

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The Inner Game of Work
Timothy Galwey

Timothy Galwey is an intellectual and it is reflected in his writing—a deep thinker’s book about the psychology of how and why we go to work. Very thought-provoking.

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The Power of Focus
Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Hewitt

How to hit your business, financial, and personal targets with absolute certainty!


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Plan the Time to Plan

First Things First
Stephen R. Covey

Another book by Stephen Covey of 7 Habits fame, this is the one about how to gain control of your time. There are also useful sections on how to create mission statements for your personal and professional life. A masterpiece that can change your life forever if you allow it to.

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The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness
Stephen R. Covey

Covey’s new book will transform the way we think about ourselves and our purpose in life, about our organizations, and about humankind. Just as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People helped us focus on effectiveness, The 8th Habit shows us the way to greatness.

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Lead a Championship Support Team

Leadership from the Inside Out
Kevin Cashman

In a sense, this is Covey’s 7 Habits but written in a lighter style. You see, Kevin Cashman's philosophy is that leadership is by example, so the book is about how to sort yourself out first before you start trying to sort everyone else out!

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Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership
Joseph Jaworski

Clients have told me that they either love or hate this book. A true story of one man’s journey to self-awareness, Joseph Jaworski was a top attorney, dropped out, and returned to head one of the world’s biggest companies. It’s about how his thinking changed. Very good for us mid-life crisis candidates. I loved it.

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Principal Centered Leadership
Stephen Covey

Another from Stephen Covey of 7 Habits fame, this time on what type of person you need to be to lead others and how to do it. As usual with Covey, you’ll get a migraine reading it but the effort will be worthwhile.

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Shackleton’s Way
Margot Morrell & Alexandra Shackleton

A fantastic narrative of Shackleton’s Transantarctic expedition, with frequent references to the metaphor in business leadership and team development. This is one of the best books on leadership I have read.

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If Aristotle Ran General Motors
Tom Morris

Examines the inner workings of many different kinds of businesses and shows why companies striving for excellence must take into consideration the four classic virtues of truth, beauty, goodness, and unity.

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Refine your Selling Skills

Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
Harvey Mackay

This is a book that teaches salespeople how to develop lifelong relationships with customers so that issues such as price become less important. Harvey Mackay bought a failing envelope company and sold it for millions. It’s also a book about how to manage salespeople. Another good buy on cassette tape. A fun read written by an entertaining man.

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Selling For Dummies
Tom Hopkins

I approached this book with suspicion. One of the yellow and black “Dummies” books, so I thought it would wouldn’t work. It's great! Everything you need to know in a condensed and fun format. A starter pack for those who want to develop or rekindle their enthusiasm for selling.

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The "I Hate Selling" Book
Alan Boress

Written for all those who think that selling is "beneath" them, especially professional people! Turns selling from a stigma into a professional activity.

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Selling the Invisible
Harry Beckwith

I love this little book that contains numerous pearls of wisdom and one-liners. If your business sells intangible products and services, then this is a winner for you. About how to use language in selling.

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Clients for Life
Jagdish Seth & Andrew Sobel

A wonderful explanation of how world-class relationships with customers are constructed and maintained.

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Time to Think
Nancy Kline

This book taught me how to think more clearly, how to solve problems, and how to help others. An intellectual book but with a profound message, it has influenced my development as a person.

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The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance: 

Earning What You're Worth in Sales
George W. Dudley, Shannon L. Goodson

This book was so good, I lent it to a friend and never saw it again, so I duly ordered a new copy from Amazon a few weeks ago and reminded myself of the key points, the 12 faces (ooh, number and verb) of sales call reluctance, how to realign one’s thoughts, desensitize perceived threats, and invert fear.

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Create a Low-cost  Marketing Engine

Unlimited Referrals
Bill Cates

Building your business through recommendation is the best, most profitable, way to market, and yet hardly anyone does it. Why? Lack of systems, self-esteem, and passion come to mind. Bill Cates has developed a systematic approach to remove the fear of rejection and get on with it. Priceless.

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Teaming Up
Paul & Sarah Edwards

I love everything that Paul and Sarah Edwards publish. This book is about how to develop strategic alliances to grow your business at low cost.

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Getting Business to Come to You
Paul & Sarah Edwards

A definitive encyclopedia of everything you need to know and do to market a small business. Fabulous book. Compulsory read for my clients.

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Image Coming Soon 

The World’s Best-Known Marketing Secret
Ivan Misner

The definitive book on how to network, written by the founder of Business Network International. Get out of your shell and tell the world about what you do!

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Get More Referrals Now!  
Bill Cates

The subject of teaching your clients to recommend others is a constant topic in my work with both dentists and clients. Bill Cates writes books for financial planners and has a world-class coaching practice. His work is easily transferable to other niche markets and I would recommend him to you.

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Maintain Balance Between Work, Rest & Play

The Artist’s Way
Julia Cameron

This book is becoming a bestseller. It is a system to put you back in touch with the nice person that you were before you joined the rat race. Led me back to poetry after a 20-year gap. A book to revive your passions in life.

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The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly
Jean Dominique Bauby

Difficult to review. A short read that will make you count your blessings. If you ever feel sorry for yourself, read this.

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The Portable Coach
Thomas Leonard

Another book that clients love or hate, this time from Thomas Leonard, the father of modern-day coaching. This book is subtitled “28 principles of attraction” and is a blueprint for designing a perfect life but beware: It contains some radical ideas! DO NOT buy the cassettes; they are poor as Thomas delegated to a studio reader and they lack his passion.

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Tuesdays with Morrie
Mitch Albom

This is a wonderful book. It certainly makes you sit back and think about the things we feel are important to us. Are they really?

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ABCs for Grown-Ups: Lessons From Three-Year Olds on 

How to Have More Fun & Success
Veronica Lim  


ABC's for Grown-Ups will not join the “grown-up” books gathering dust on my bookshelf. It will live by my side.


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