Staffing Solutions

Have you struggled with any of the following challenges?

  • Hired employees only to discover that their skills and abilities do not meet your requirements or do not match their résumé?

  • Had little or no time to recruit, interview, and check references of potential employees?

  • Had difficulty locating potential employees that possess the skills you require? 
  • Unable to focus on your business due to the time spent on the hiring process?

If you answered yes to any of the above, consider Fitness Industry Solutions for answers to your staffing needs. 

Our partnership with The International Fitness Registry,, and, provides us with access to the best in the fitness industry.  We are able to provide staffing solutions for numerous positions, including but not limited to: 

  • Corporate Fitness Management

  • Executive Management

  • Fitness / Program Director

  • Fitness Instructor

  • Group Exercise Instructor

  • Health Club Management

  • Sales

  • Personal Trainer

  • Any many more… just let us know what type of position you need filled.

How It Works:

We develop a complete understanding of the details of the position, as well as the “soft” factors (environment, work behavioral traits, and culture) that combine to make the placement a solid success for all parties. Simply put, we will strive to understand as much about your company and the specific position as we can prior to beginning the search.   


A major advantage of working with Fitness Industry Solutions is the large number of fitness professionals already known within our network, thus allowing us to streamline the hiring process. Based on your job requirements, we will recruit and pre-screen applicants for you to interview. Our pre-screening includes verification of education and certifications, confirmation of strong communication skills, evidence of a personality fit, a reference check, and any other verification you may require. 


We only present candidates to you that are a good fit for your environment. 

We will work closely with you to schedule interviews and coordinate the necessary follow up. We will ensure an effective use of your time by understanding the interview and decision-making process and by preparing our candidates to effectively communicate what they bring to the table.   

The final decision as to which candidate you hire is strictly yours to make. 

We Also Offer Temporary Staffing Solutions 

Whatever the reason—special projects, seasonal demands, vacations, leaves of absence—we can meet your temporary employment needs. By recruiting, screening, and administratively managing these employees throughout the duration of their assignment, we are prepared to assist you by finding highly qualified applicants that meet your specific requirements. 

Advantages of using Fitness Industry Solutions for your staffing solutions:

  • Confidentiality and personalized service

  • A reliable and superior sourcing network and resources

  • Expert selection assistance in getting the best person for the position

  • Saves you valuable time and work

  • Low cost recruitment

  • Quality staff selection

The Bottom Line 

Fitness Industry Solutions will find the best employees for you and in the most efficient manner possible. Satisfaction guaranteed  


Take the Challenge

Allow us to conduct a search and selection of a permanent staff member while you conduct your own at the same time. You pay nothing unless you hire someone we recommend.  No upfront fees, no strings attached. 

We are motivated to find the right person for the job. We only get paid IF you hire one of our candidates.


Click here and contact us for a no-obligation staffing requirements analysis. Hear, feel, and see the power of our services. 


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